Art Knife Reviews!

So I finally took some time and reviewed three of my knives that I received from Lion OP. The first is a regular art knife (D-401P-B). The second is the swivel knife (SW-600GP). Last is the 3-in-1 art knife (D-1000GP). For an in depth review of each knife, please click the images below! If you have any questions, I would love for you to contact me at



SW-600GP Swivel Knife
SW-600GP Swivel Knife

D-1000GP (3-in-1)




For anyone that has had a rough time.

Scuba Diving

Check out the Great White about to eat Nemo!!!

Diving design

Beauty and Grace

Took a shot at drawing a lady’s face and think it turned out pretty well!

Beauty and Grace design

Pyro Bear

Watch out Pyro Bear may push the trigger at any time!

Pyro Bear design

Beer Pong

Oh to be playing some beer pong!

Beer Pong design


Corona Extra

BEER! I love my Corona Extra!


Welcome brother Antaeus!


Better to Have Lost

This one is for you ladies to show that I can draw something that you will love as much as I do!

Heart design


Pong Table

I love my pong table!

Unfolded view of table from the bottom


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